Month: May 2018

Pros and Cons of Online relationship app

Pros of online dating:

  1. Availabilities of options: online dating app provides you with billions of options on a global scale. You can choose the best match after going through several profile and talk online with them. After talking it’s your decision whether to stick with them or move on.
  2. Variety: online dating allows you tom meet various people of different culture, different places, and different tradition. Online dating is an eye –opening experience that can help you to connect with someone who can introduce you to new things.
  3. Communication: online dating give you a chance to get to know people with different lifestyle, different approach and fundamentals of life. You can come out of your zone and can have a longer, safe and relaxing conversation with any one online without waiting for an immediate reaction.
  4. Transparency: except few cases most of the people are more inclined towards social media like twitter, facebook and Instagram while expressing themselves. This makes easier to identify your type people and connect with them.
  5. Finding love of your life: online dating is not a traditional method of dating but can definitely help in meeting people with whom you can share common love interest.
  6. Less pressure: meeting someone online is less hectic as you need not make immediate decision about the relationship. Online dating gives you the full time and liberty to choose wisely.


  1. Frauds and criminals: there are chances that you might be talking to a person who is a fraud or is criminal minded. You don’t know who is behind the screen, hence there are possibility of getting trapped with the wrong person.
  2. Most of the people look for hook ups: unfortunately lot of people are not finding a true relationship online but looking for casual hang out or hook up. Most of the people are using dating app for fun.
  3. Bullying: there are many types of cyber bullying through dating app There are chances of getting embarrassed online. People can ridicule your appearance, profession or personality online. Some can even use your pictures for wrong purpose.
  4. Depression:the rate of failure while using dating app can actually depress you. People who are looking for serious relationships and not being able to find one can feel low about themselves.
  5. Dishonesty: sometimes people show a fake picture and write all opposite about themselves in their profile in order to find a match. One should not trust anyone blindly on the basis of their profile, profiles can be fake, play safe and ask for video calling before meeting anyone.

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