Month: February 2020

Gift Card

Use your visa gift card money for all your purchases

At present, the visa gift card becomes an ideal gift item and many people are interested to buy it to gift their beloved ones. This is a useful way to pay for your shopping but it turned out that your card amounts are less than the total of your shopping, your gift card will undoubtedly not useful. So how will you check visa gift card balance to avoid the shortage of amount?

Methods to check visa gift card balance:

There is couple of ideas to check visa gift card balance. Here is what you have to do:

Method 1: Ask your visa card provider. The numbers are normally included in the documents with the card. Tell your card number and ask your remaining balance. They will simply ask you your pin details so they can verify for your balance.

Method 2: There is the hand-operated way of reviewing and that is to get the receipts forms from the purchasing activities you made utilizing the card. Add up the total and then subtract it from the original amount of your card. Simple math, isn’t it? Now don’t forget to pin your slips together so you do not miscount your total card payments.

You must follow these techniques as the leftover balance of your card will not display on the system of most departmental stores. The card will simply be declined without you understanding why.

The way how the visa card helps you:

Moreover, it is essential to know the balance so you can boost your card. If your total beats the balance of the card, then you can tell the cashier to use up the money left in your visa gift card and the rest of your amount you can pay directly.

Some people forget to examine why their visa cards were declined, so they simply leave it as it is. Check the reason why it’s got declined and ask with customer help line.

Collecting the slips from your purchase shop also benefits you, because you can replace your purchased product and get a discount if the product you purchased is a bit faulty. You can ask them to place the refund in your visa gift card. This method usually carries a maximum of seven days. It is better to check the visa gift card balanceregularly.


Easy Cross-Border Payment System for All and Sundry 

XRP is one of the high performing cryptocurrencies in the world today. It is the third most popular cryptocurrency out there today. It is rising in value very fast and there are indications that the value will rise beyond $100 in the nearest future. In fact, it may rise beyond $100 in value by the end of this year 2020. This is an indication that right now is the best time to invest in XRP if you want to make a lot of money from this cryptocurrency. If care is not taken, the cryptocurrency may even rise in value to the same level as etherum. You will never regret investing in Ripple at all.

As of today, the total number of XRP in circulation is 41 billion.  The networks have also unlocked a large quantity of XRP recently.  The new set of XRPs were released from the company’s escrow wallets and forwarded to a different unknown wallet. This further gives more credence to the widely publicized speculation that it is possible for the value of ripple to reach or even go beyond $100.

What is XCurrent XRP?  

xCurrent is a special messaging solution  made available by the XRP, which has proved itself to be one of the best remittance networks in the world today. The network permits financial and economic enterprises for the conformation of payment details.  Even banks also find XRP useful for financial transactions since they use the platform as a global Real—Time Gross Settlement system commonly referred to as RTGS.

xCurrent makes it very easy for banks to easily settle  every one of their cross-border payments  and each of the transactions is followed by  end-to-end tracking. xCurrent is a special messaging service built around  the inter Ledger Protocol (ILP) that    facilitates  the inter-functionality between the networks and  the various ledgers.  Virtually every business organization can also apply the payment system.



The reality, or not, of BITCOINS is a subject of many a debate. There is a view that, by itself, BITCOIN has no value at all, but only the status of a speculative cult currency. Since it does not have a value at all times, it is not a Real Currency at all. The BITCOIN finds only when converted to a Real Currency. By the standards of the Bretton Woods Agreement, only the US Dollar can be used to measure parity value of all other currencies and this US Dollar is known as the central currency for the whole world. Since BITCOIN does not abide by the Bretton Woods Agreement, according to these Critics, BITCOIN cannot be real. But that does not explain why some of the most level headed billionaires of the world are investing heavily on BITCOIN. The real fact is that BITCOIN is pseudonymous. In other words, BITCOIN funds are not tied to Real World Entities or even centralized control from recognized countries. Instead, BITCOIN is tied to the addresses of the computer files that represent them. BITCOINS are truly decentralized and do not report to any central financial authority of any country. It therefore transcends all borders and barriers, and conducts all transactions on P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Basis. Neither any country nor any Bank can interfere in any transaction of this Crypto currency. free bitcoin can be acquired without any permission being taken or taxes or charges being paid, to any financial authority what-so-ever.

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