Basics Of Manicure: What Is A Color Gel?

Clean nails are clean hands. If you see hands with clean nails, probably, it has a clean hand. It might get dirty because of doing something. But, dirty nails can never have clean hands. Clean hands should start with a clean nail. Clean nail is a part of having proper hygiene. Going to nail salon must be done regularly. In this way, you can maintain a clean, healthy and beautiful nail. But, cleaning the nails must be done in fairness. If you clean the nail many times like almost every day, it is not healthy at all. It might get damaged. So, it is advisable not to do a daily manicure.

What is the color gel?

A color gel is also known as a color filter. It is commonly known as lighting gel, a transparent colored gel used for color correction. Colores de gel comes in 2 types: hard and soft.

  • Hard gel. From the term itself, once it is used, it gets tough and can be used as nail extension. It is used for nail extensions or artificial nails. So, for those who wished to have temporary long nails, use it. By putting the hard gel for extending the natural nails.
  • Soft gel. It refers to too soft gel for creating nail extension. It includes thicker gels and gel polishes meant for gel-overlay services. Gel polishes are popularly increasingly, it is used in the form of gel polish manicures. These gel manicures are naturally gentle to be applied to the nail.

What is soft gel used for?

Soft gels are also known as nail gel that is used by a professional manicurist. It is applied to the nail that stays intact. It stays for a week or more than weeks without cracking, no chipping or peeling, and with stunning high shine. Soft gel or nail polish gel is used for creating long nails according to the length wanted. It is somewhat called nail gels. But, never get confused with the acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are made with the use of polymer powder and liquid monomer. Gel services are done with the use of gel from the gel polish. It comes with a variety of colors that needs hardening, curing to create beautifully colorful nails. All these are performed with the use of UV light, either a LED lamp or conventional bulb. So, if you have that short nails and tired of waiting, apply the soft gel for nail extension.

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