Fresh and Fine Flowers for Friends and Family

The best flowering times for floristry in Tampines

Tampineshave more to offer than you might imagine. If you want to experience the rich and ancient Peranakan culture in Singapore, there is no better place than Tampines.Within walking distance of the city centre, Tampinesis known as the birthplace of the Peranakan people. Tampines has many historic buildings in a bustling residential area, from colonial bungalows to bustling shops decorated with decorative tiles. Plus, this charming residential area is loved by many Singaporeans for its hidden culinary treasures. Even the most discerning chefs are sure that they will be bound to take a gastronomic tour of the region, whether it’s relaxing with friends in an unusual café or fixing Tampines laksa. Tampines flower shop is one of the most popular local shops.

Everything in Tampines is colourful and vibrant, but Floristic is here to take the beauty of Tampines to the next level. Sending or gifting flowers has been a time-old tradition. People gift beautiful and exotic flowers to people. There is nothing more pleasurable than smelling the scent of flowers and feeling one with nature and the calm that comes with it.

Want to surprise friends and relatives in Tampines?

  • You are just in luck! Floristique, one of Singapore’s most popular florists, offers free same-day delivery throughout the island.
  • Katong is obviously no exception.
  • Whether you celebrate a special day or want to show your love for the recipient, Floristique has it all.

Why are they the best?

  • Over the years, they have been known as the best florist in Singapore.
  • The reason is that not only do they offer the highest quality flowers at the most affordable prices, but customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of their business.
  • Whatever your aesthetic taste, you can rest assured that their team will step forward and create the bouquet of your dreams.

Buy from their beautiful catalogue and immediately receive your pretty bouquet in Tampines!

Same day delivery time: Monday to Friday: 2 p.m., Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. You can contact them on customer service hotline: + (65) 6904 4046 + (65) 8031 9620. They pride themselves on excellent customer care service. They are available round the clock to help you with any query that you may have. Don’t worry and order beautiful flowers for a special occasion or a sweet gesture from the best Tampines flower shop.

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