Ottaviaholding: your own personal administrative secretary in Singapore

Singapore is a heaven for businessmen. Everyday new businesses are being started here. But, because of the lackof administrative control, results in downsizing of company capital. That is why if you are looking for company secretary singapore, you must contact us.

For whom we provide services?

Are you a startup, a small business, an SME, a large group or an association? Do you practice a liberal profession (lawyer, doctor, architect …)?

Administrative management is important

company secretary singapore

Looking to grow your business or optimize its efficiency? The administration takes you the time and strikes your productivity? The cost control is an essential criterion for you? At each stage of a company’s life, needs differ and require adaptation that is not necessarily a matter of hiring. However, for lack of time, administrative management can become cumbersome and constraining …

Why use an external secretarial service?

Secretarial work includes most of the administrative tasks faced by the self-employed, business owners and the liberal professions.

When you are establishing a new company, there are a lot of administrative and accounting related tasks which need to be handled perfectly so that the company is always on the right track. That is why you need to use external secretary services so that you can focus on the products and other things of your company. So, do not hesitate to contact us for company secretary singapore service. 

The Ottavia holdings offer for you

Ottaviaholdings offers a solution flexible, expert in implementing fast to meet your needs: administrative services delivered by professionals. So, opt for a less restrictive offer than a permanent contract or temporary work. For your mission, we give you the possibility to call an administrative assistant in your premises or at home. The administrative services to companies carried out, without hiring, by our professional assistants allow you to refocus on your core business. Do not wait any longer! Browse our services and contact us. We will evaluate together your needs and choose the best administrative assistant for you.

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