The greatest movies all started with a great set

Singapore is a major global trade hub and financial capital with an unstoppable pulse. That means that any film production company will be able to find everything they require in this modern and technologically advanced city. Singapore is a popular filming location in the city. There are also many great production house singapore that you may want to know about.

What is a production house and how do they work?

  • A production house is a company that manages the filmmaking process.
  • It is essentially a group of people with various talents who pool their resources and use them to create the best piece of art possible.
  • They also provide the necessary funds for the production of the film.
  • A production company can profit if its management is capable of utilizing its resources to provide the public with high-quality goods and services.

Some top production houses in Singapore

  • Karsa Designs

a multi-award-winning animation studio based in Singapore and Malaysia that specializes in high-end explainer videos and corporate animations.

  • Somerville Media

It is a creative corporate video production company with a worldwide network of experienced video production partners, providing global video production services and camera crews.

●       NinjaPromo Creative Digital Marketing Agency

a creative social media marketing agency based in New York with offices all over the world that helps brands connect with their customers through personal connections in the digital world.

  • Blackbird Productions

It’s a regionally based, award-winning creative production company that’s passionate about the content it creates and strives to be as creative and efficient as possible on every shoot.


Singapore is one of the best options for film and television production houses that offer a wide range of services. This includes services such as casting and line production, as well as assistance with gaining access to global distribution channels. There are also manny production house singapore that have a set of professionals with years of knowledge and thirst for more as the filming industry is filled with only seamless possibilities annnd opportunities.

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