From Classics to New Releases: Telugu Full Movies on OTT

Discover aha, an outstanding OTT platform that breaks conventional entertainment barriers. aha goes beyond being just a streaming service; it is a vast sea of diverse Telugu content designed to cater to a broad audience. It is your ultimate stop for the latest Telugu movies. This OTT platform boasts an extensive collection spanning every imaginable genre. So, aha is promising an exceptional cinematic journey.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a Telugu full movie and binge effortlessly on aha OTT. Here, each plot twist leaves you on the edge of your seat. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure exclusively on aha!

  1. Malli Pelli
  2. S. Raju directed and penned the romantic drama “Malli Pelli,” released in Telugu in 2023. The cast includes Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, and Vanitha Vijayakumar, with supporting roles by Jayasudha, Sarath Babu, Ananya Nagalla, Roshan, Ravivarma, and Annapurna. The movie romanticizes aspects of Naresh and Pavithra’s real-life marriage.

Love blossoms between Narendra (Naresh) and Parvati (Pavitra Lokesh) on the set, where they often work together. However, they face challenges since they are already in relationships. “Malli Pelli” revolves around two consenting adults navigating love and societal criticism.

  1. Vasantha Kokila

“Vasantha Kokila” is a thriller for binge watching. It stars Bobby Simha, Arya, and Kashmira Pardeshi. This flick is directed by Ramanan Purushothama.

Rudhra, an IT worker, experiences blackouts and collapses. He and his girlfriend Nisha visit a hill station and stay at the Vasantha Kokila Hotel, where mysterious events occur. While the film has its moments, it’s Bobby Simha’s performance that shines. Thriller enthusiasts who don’t mind a standard plot can enjoy this movie, available for download on aha.

Vasantha Kokila Review: సరిగ్గా నిద్ర పోకుంటే? బాబీ సింహా 'వసంత కోకిల' ఎలా  ఉందంటే? | Bobby Simha Kashmira Pardesi Vasantha Kokila Movie Review And  Rating In Telugu - Telugu Filmibeat

  1. Das Ka Dhamki

“Das Ka Dhamki” is an action comedy Telugu full movie. The leads are Vishwak Sen and Nivetha Pethuraj. Also, It is directed by Vishwak Sen himself.

The story follows Krishna Das. He is a waiter at a prestigious hotel in Hyderabad. Like a simple guy, he often aims for a lavish lifestyle and pursues Keerthi, whom he meets at the hotel. When Krishna resembles the deceased Sanjay Rudra of a pharmaceutical company, he’s sent to oversee the company and Rudra’s family for ten days. However, Krishna uncovers Sanjay’s scandalous secrets.

Despite mixed to positive reviews from critics, “Das Ka Dhamki” performed well at the box office. Dive into the world of action Telugu movies by downloading this latest release on aha.

Telugu Classics only on aha

Only on aha can you find the best Telugu movies. Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of Telugu cinema exclusively on aha. They offer a diverse selection of Telugu films, and the entertainment never ends. These classics and newly released movies are a must-watch for any enthusiast.

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Was Gladiators the best Saturday night TV?

If you grew up in the 1990s, your Saturday nights were probably spent watching Gladiators. It was a show families could watch together, with mums and dads enjoying the acrobatics of Hunter and Jet and the whole family taking delight in the jeering and booing of Wolf. Ask anyone who has watched it, and it’s safe to say there hasn’t been anything quite like it since.

Fan favourites

From its launch in 1992, Gladiators quickly became a firm Saturday night favourite. The idea was to pit contenders against the Gladiators in a series of tough yet fun-to-watch challenges. This was no easy feat considering the Gladiators were made up of bodybuilders and Olympians who were given names to match their personalities. From Lightening and Panther to Cobra and Warrior, the Gladiators quickly amassed a huge fan following over the years. However, it was Wolf, the Gladiator that everyone loved to hate, who was the star of the show, playing up to the cameras panto style. Even hosts Ulrika Johnson and John Fashanu couldn’t contain him.

The anticipation

With a huge collection available, part of the fun was seeing which challenges were picked that week and which Gladiators would be trying to make the contenders fail. Skytrak involved the contenders being chased around a scalextric track that was fixed to the ceiling, while Hang Tough saw contenders swinging from high rings whilst the Gladiators raced toward them trying to get them to fall. In what was possibly the most popular challenge, Duel saw contenders and Gladiators battle it out with giant pugil sticks whilst standing on raised platforms. The final challenge, the Eliminator, saw the contenders race each other through an obstacle course that ended with the dreaded Travellator before one of them was crowned the winner.

Image Credit

Returning to our screens

With other nostalgic shows such as Takeshi’s Castle set to join the likes of the Crystal Maze in returning to our screens, now’s the time to look into Gloucester TV aerial repair if you’re having any issues with your TV. Steve Unett Aerials help with repairs and installations in Cheltenham so it’s worth looking into it now before you miss the next set of TV classics that are returning.

With the 25th anniversary of Gladiators just passed, let’s hope that this favourite will follow suit and make a comeback.