Vivo Y11 with dual rear cameras, 5,000mAh battery launched in India

Chinese smartphone producer Vivo has declared the launch of a new smartphone in its Y series, dubbed as the Vivo Y11 in India. The Vivo y11 price is in the budget section and is aimed at entrance level users.

The Vivo Y11 is alike to the Vivo Y12 in terms of design. It features a waterdrop notch display plus a dual rear camera setup. The major highlight of the device is its 5,000mAh battery, continuing the current trend of big battery devices.

Vivo Y11 specifications

The Vivo Y11 runs on Android 9.0 Pie by the company’s Funtouch OS 9.1 skinned on top. It features a 6.35-inch HD+ (1544 x 720 pixels) resolution.

In terms of performance, the Vivo Y11 is powered through the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chipset together with Adreno 505 GPU. In terms of memory, the device features 3GB RAM plus 32GB of internal storage, which could be further expanded by a microSD card.

Vivo Y11 Price and availability

The Vivo y11 price is Rs 8,990 and will be accessible from offline stores in Mineral Blue and Agate Red color option.


Coming to the camera section, the Vivo Y11 features a dual camera on the back consist of a 13-megapixel main camera with f/2.2 aperture plus a 2-megapixel secondary camera by f/2.4 aperture.

Inspired by the interaction of gemstones, plus crafted to perfection throughout premium color production technique, a sophisticated color gradient flows across every inch of the back cover, making a chromatic magic show.

Web Designing

Responsive ecommerce website design agency Singapore

It is a known fact that to start any business online you need website in terms high converting website treated as one of the essential part of business. . One thing to remember is if you want your website to look amazing never go for cheap website designing it will result in bounce and less conversions. Because once you build your website with good designing even though without a brick or mortal your website will be seen as shop. If a person visiting cannot figure out how to direct your website then he might change his decision to other website elsewhere. If your website has designed properly with responsive ecommerce website design agency Singapore , its infrastructure this will boost your website with high conversion rates without bothering about the traffic every day.  So, that is why it is very important to engage in the right web designing company in Singapore.

Top web designing agency companies of Singapore:

These companies are top responsive ecommerce website design agency Singapore where they build website with standard look, profitable solutions that covert your website visitors in to customers.

  1. ChillyBin :

This leading Singapore based agency creates pleasantly designed, mobile –optimised and superfast solutions for business. It comes out with amazing website designing with latest technologies to turn your website in to business website.

  1. Incepte:

This is also one of the best web development company in Singapore , it provides a great service it not only jus show your products  but it allow visitors to purchase them online . The team of this company design the webpage to attract the customers with great shopping experience.

  1. Codigeeks:

This agency they follow the international corporate web design for corporate is one the best digital destination which designs the website at affordable prices.

sophos partner Singapore

How Network Security Cameras Work

With the development of your business now and the increase in investments worldwide, the need to control your business has increased. Being present at any time of the day is not a convenient solution for everyone. And because of this, a video recording module is urgently needed, which can be accessed through the network.

The first thing to know is which camera is suitable for your system.

If you plan to use CCTV cameras for outdoor activities and lighting conditions are bad, then you should choose black and white cameras as the first option, as they provide high resolution and better image quality in low light conditions. When using a surveillance camera for outdoor surveillance, you must ensure that it is packaged in a weather-resistant packaging. When it comes to internal cameras, you have more than one option, be they surveillance cameras or their lenses.

sophos partner Singapore

The sophos partner Singapore is a simple system to monitor your business or residence while away. The system always consists of a camera, a recording device to store video and cables between them. Depending on your budget, you should choose the entire system carefully, because some people prefer a high resolution camera and a conventional recording device. In this case, you will lose the advantage of a high resolution camera, since the low quality recording method results in a loss of camera resolution.


Connecting your video surveillance system to the network is not that difficult if you know the basic steps for this. The first thing you should know is that when you buy your system, you must make sure that it matches the network transmission. You will need a router / modem to access the network and the rude computer for synchronization between all devices.


Benefits of Office timeline

Benefits of Office timeline

Office timeline is one of the award-winning and highly interactive timeline maker project schedules used by professionals. Through this software it is possible to build schedules, visual project plans, and even Gantt charts. This software is very useful for IT professionals, consultants, knowledge workers, and even for project managers. This software is very helpful if they are looking for simple and highly robust platforms robust yet simple platform through which they can design graphical project slides. Office timeline is nothing but an add-on for PowerPoint. Through this free timeline generator, it is possible to create stunning visuals for business presentation, reports, and updates.

Office timeline comes with powerful automation and design tools. These features help in streamlining the project management along with creating highly impressive presentations. Office timeline also offers varieties of timeline templates which are available for free. These templates come with different contents, colors, and visual styles.

Benefits of Office timeline

Comes as an add-on

Best part is office timeline can work inside the PowerPoint. Hence there is no need for any other software to make use of office timeline. Since timelines are native in MS PowerPoint, they are always presentation ready. Along with this, they can also be customized using the PowerPoint features. Since most of the users are already very familiar with PowerPoint it is very easy to work with Office timeline.

free timeline generator

Provides professional look

When it comes to manual creation of timelines which look professional, it is the job which eats lot of time. Along with that that it also demands heavy budget. You may need to hire a commercial artist for this job to be done. But when you make use of Office timeline you can create professional timelines along with Gantt charts easily. It just takes few easy steps to come up with a professional-looking timeline.

Free templates

When Office timeline is used, you will get access to dozens of templates which are available for free. These can also be customized if needed and you can also edit the template elements manually or automatically. There are templates available for making project plan, marketing plan, office schedule, sales plan, and even 12 months planning period.

Vast usage

Today office timeline is used in varieties of fields and it is used by more than millions of professionals. It is used in fields like technology, finance, construction, health and medicine, and many other. Office timeline can be used in all the fields where there is need to manage, plan, and present the project flows along with timelines, milestones.

hide IP address

How to Hide your IP Address on the Internet?

There are numerous genuine reasons to hide IP address. From hundreds of reasons out there, privacy is one of the most common reasons to conceal IP address on the internet.

It is necessary to hide your IP address to surf anonymously since other users can identify each and every data about you by tracking your IP address.

You can hide your IP address on the internet in many different ways that are safe and effective. The most familiar method used for hiding purpose is to choose a Proxy server.

A Proxy server is nothing but a computer connected to the Internet which is used as an intermediate to connect to other computer systems. In addition to that, Hide me proxy can be also used to hide your real IP address.

proxy server

You can use proxy servers in the following situations:

  • Firewall – A proxy server can be used as a firewall which acts a barrier between a trusted internal network and not trusted external network.
  • IP addresses multiplexer – In this case, the proxy server allows multiple computers to connect with the internet with a single IP address.

Though there are various benefits of proxy servers, it is crucial to find a reliable site that does not disturb the internet browsing of the user. Finding a new, safe and reliable proxy site is not a tedious task if you do some research.

Hence, it is far better to go for a proxy server which protects your computer privacy and personal information.


Different types of proxy server you must know

Not all proxy servers work a similar way. It’s imperative to see precisely what usefulness you’re getting from the proxy server, and guarantee that the proxy server meets your utilization case.

a) Transparent Proxy

A straightforward intermediary tells sites that it is an proxy server,  which are under hideme and it will in any case go along your IP address, distinguishing you to the web server. Organizations, open libraries, and schools frequently utilize straightforward intermediaries for substance separating: they’re anything but difficult to set up both customer and server side.

b) Anonymous Proxy

A mysterious intermediary will recognize itself as an intermediary, yet it won’t pass your IP address to the site – this anticipates fraud and keep your perusing propensities private. They can likewise keep a site from serving you focused on showcasing content dependent on your area. For instance, if realizes you live in Raleigh, NC, they will demonstrate you news stories they feel are pertinent to Raleigh, NC. Perusing namelessly will keep a site from utilizing some advertisement focusing on methods, yet is certifiably not a 100% certification.

c) Distorting proxy

A distorting proxy server goes along a bogus IP address for you while recognizing itself as an intermediary. This fills comparative needs as the mysterious intermediary, however by passing a bogus IP address, you can have all the earmarks of being from an alternate area to get around substance confinements. hideme
d) High Anonymity proxy

High Anonymity intermediary servers intermittently change the IP address they present to the web server, making it hard to monitor what traffic has a place with who. High secrecy intermediaries, similar to the TOR Network, is the most private and secure approach to peruse the web.

Intermediary servers are a hot thing in the news nowadays with the debates around Net Neutrality and restriction. By expelling unhindered internet insurances in the United States, Internet Service Providers (ISP) are presently ready to control your transfer speed and web traffic. ISPs can possibly disclose to you what destinations you can and can’t see. While there’s a lot of vulnerability around what will occur with Net Neutrality, it’s conceivable that intermediary servers will give some capacity to work around an ISPs limitations.

Varonis dissects information from intermediary servers to shield you from information breaks and digital assaults. The expansion of intermediary information gives more setting to all the more likely dissect client conduct patterns for variations from the norm.

virtual reality companies

Benefits of virtual reality in business and marketing campaigns

With the advent of technology these days there has been many innovations, and one such breakthrough is virtual reality. Today the virtual reality is used in headsets, mobile phones, tablets, etc. which helps the user see a new and artificial world as it is just in front of them like in a three-dimensional realm. This innovation has taken industries by storm as now many companies are using virtual reality for their marketing purposes. It helps in making the viewer who is also a potential customer see a visualization in a more real and lifelike way so that one feels more engaged with it. This is why virtual reality companies are becoming more and more popular for their services in creating immersive campaigns and promotions. Some of the reasons why one should think of using virtual reality for ones business marketing are:

Make a campaign memorablevirtual reality companies

When a viewer experiences something new and immersive they tend to remember it for a longer time period. Virtual reality forces one to act on promotion and they tend to leave a mark on one’s mind which makes them want to experience a product in reality as well.

Create an experience

With a virtual reality campaign, one can make their potential customer experience something rather than just simply watching an advertisement on their flat screens. One can keep their viewers engaged and can also make them interact which is a very effective way to make one react.

Get media attention

Creating a virtual reality marketing campaign can create a lot of buzz among the media people and thus one can get a lot of press and media attention which on the other hand is also a great promotional strategy.

Be an industry leader

Not everyone in the industry has yet adopted this great technology and truth be told it is still in its nascent stage and there is a lot to be done in it. however, if one can use the virtual reality now for their promoting and marketing their business then they might be the first n the entire industry. This will help one get fat better opportunities that their competitors and industry dwellers.


The services offered by Baba Pandey SEO expert website

At this website, you will come across a team of passionate professionals who will help their customers to reach their desired goals without any hassle. This company is considered to be one of the topmost choices for SEO in Nepal and is among the reputed companies out there. If you are looking for some specific information based on the website then you can see website for all such related information. Now, let us discuss some of the services they have to offer and these will include the following:

Marketing of the content: in this process, the content is used in order to get in traffic specifically for your website. This can actually be done in different ways but the most common and efficient way in which it is being done is by making use of the right keywords in appropriate places within your content. They ensure to get the best writers who conduct great research in your industry and get the best out of their work for your productivity.


The analysis of SEO competition: it is important to conduct a good SEO competition since it will help you in identifying the targets of your SEO and your competitors in the organic traffic that you have. Eventually, due to this, you will be able to establish an effective strategy for your SEO that will help you in outperforming these competitors that you have. So, you must be wondering what exactly is contained in this analysis? So let us take a look at that as well.

  • It will provide you a complete detailed report of the keywords that are overlapping they are being competed for.
  • It gives you an opportunity to know who your SEO competitors are.
  • Also, you will be provided with a comparison where you will know which are the commonly used keywords by you and your competition.
  • It will help in revealing some of the unique opportunities that you could use and then you will be able to take advantage of the weak points of your competitors.

Many most of the businesses are making use of the services offered by the SEO as it can help them in taking their business to the next level. Because of SEO, you will have numerous people who are visiting your website on a regular basis and in this way more people get exposure to your brand or services that you are offering.

Reason to hire experts for web designing

The way in which a website is created means a lot for the growth of a business in the online website. Hence the business people are supposed to compromise any kind of factors while creating their business website. They should be aware of all the tactics through which they can develop a best website which can pay way for their business growth. In order to make this happen in the most effective way, they can hire the website designers in the online market. There may be endless number of services in the online market. Some services are just engaged in developing a website while some tend to optimize the site for the online growth of their clients. Likewise the efficiency of one service will get varied from one another. Hence the people who are about to hire this service should be more attentive in choosing the best one. An web design experts can make things easier as mentioned below.

Attractive website

The web designers can make an attractive website through which the attention of the online users can be easily dragged. They can choose the most suitable design according to the business. And the most important thing is they implement unique design for each and every client they come across. Thus, one can have a unique web design which can make them different from other normal website.

website laten maken


One of the most important reasons for why the experts are to be approached for web design is they will also be concentrating on the SEO factors. That is they tend to develop a website which has a good influence over SEO. It can also be said that they will make a website with high SEO value. Thus, this will be a great opportunity for the business people to make their visibility in the online market. they can also get their effort reduced to a greater extent by hiring the experts.


The experts will also help in tracking the growth of a website in all the means. That is they will track the position of the website in search engine. They will check for the security aspects. And likewise they tend to concentrate on several factors in order to provide the best result for their client. People who website laten maken antwerpen with these experts can take their business to the next level within short span of time.

Apps That May Help You Search A Partner

If you are looking for a little entertainment or big love then installing this free dating apps will help you search for the right partner. This app will help you meet new people on dating site

Effects on Dating: The Pros and Cons

  • Pros – There are many applications that provide personality tests for matching or use algorithms to match users and this may enhance the possibility of users getting matched with a compatible candidate. If users do not meet their interest, then they can simply choose not to match the candidates. Users can get to chat and know the person if they are interested in.
  • The cons – Users can get lost in their choices and end up spending too much time in just looking for the right candidate instead of using that time to start a real relationship because having too many options can be overwhelming with so many options available. No perfect system can match two people’s personalities perfectly. The picture on users’ profile may cause someone to match or not match before even getting to know his or her personalities because online dating has made dating very superficial.

What is The Origin of Online Dating App?

The application Tinder led the surge in mobile dating apps. It was released on September 12, 2012, and was founded by Whitney Wolfe, Sean Ra, Jonathan Badeen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, Justin Mateen, and Chris Gulczynski. Other resources founders are Badeen, Rad, and Mateen. The application has won TechCrunch’ Crunchie Award for the best new startup in 2013.

A Simple Way To meet Potential Love

Dating apps is a simple way to meet potential love or sex partners. Helping users code for and discover what they want from another person in any given moment with these smartphone-dwelling matchmakers that can even facilitate experimentation. It provides a way to meet people on a user’s own schedule that potentially democratizes the whole dating process. There is plenty of evidence that dating apps work especially for those among us whose endgame is meeting a long-term partner. It is not a good sign that so many daters consider them a necessary evil at best and just plain evil at worst if dating apps are supposed to take a headache out of trying to meet someone.