The reality, or not, of BITCOINS is a subject of many a debate. There is a view that, by itself, BITCOIN has no value at all, but only the status of a speculative cult currency. Since it does not have a value at all times, it is not a Real Currency at all. The BITCOIN finds only when converted to a Real Currency. By the standards of the Bretton Woods Agreement, only the US Dollar can be used to measure parity value of all other currencies and this US Dollar is known as the central currency for the whole world. Since BITCOIN does not abide by the Bretton Woods Agreement, according to these Critics, BITCOIN cannot be real. But that does not explain why some of the most level headed billionaires of the world are investing heavily on BITCOIN. The real fact is that BITCOIN is pseudonymous. In other words, BITCOIN funds are not tied to Real World Entities or even centralized control from recognized countries. Instead, BITCOIN is tied to the addresses of the computer files that represent them. BITCOINS are truly decentralized and do not report to any central financial authority of any country. It therefore transcends all borders and barriers, and conducts all transactions on P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Basis. Neither any country nor any Bank can interfere in any transaction of this Crypto currency. free bitcoin can be acquired without any permission being taken or taxes or charges being paid, to any financial authority what-so-ever.

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