Reasons to install digital locks in your home

Along with technology, security devices have also been evolving. Among these terminals that allow us to have greater control of the accesses of the home and the protection of the goods that are inside them, are the digital locks.Unlike traditional locks, digital locks work without a key to activate the mechanism.

The digital lock installation singapore with a small motor that is controlled through an electrical impulse, which is activated by the type of lock: fingerprint, code or remote control. The system works only when it receives the correct information.

For its part, the blocking or closing occurs automatically thanks to the system with electromagnets, further reinforcing the security issue.

There are several reasons why electronic locks gain more followers every day. Among its advantages are:

High security: its electronic system increases security, since it has a mechanism that blocks the door when an unauthorized person tries to open it, or when it is detected that access is being forced with an element foreign to the system, such as a drill or lever.

No keys : Digital locks work without the use of keys thanks to the automation of controls, so losing them, having them stolen or having them duplicated, are no longer dangerous for home security.

Depending on the type of digital lock, you can open the doors through other devices such as a cell phone, either by typing a numeric or alphanumeric code, or through the biometric mode or fingerprint. Some use a proximity key fob or card.

Some teams combine the traditional deadbolt with the electronic one. The user can decide which of the options opens the door.

Limited access: with this type of electronic locks you can limit the number of people authorized to open and enter the home.

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