Many body builders and athletes take somatropin to improve the muscle mass or their sportive performance. Before you decide on taking this growth hormone ensure you have got all the information from your physician. Somatropin is one of the many human growth hormones available in the market.

Somatropin is a specific type of growth hormone which is used to treat under developed stature wise adults or children. One even seniors who are lacking in growth hormone. This growth hormone is naturally produced and at the same time released by the pituitary gland.


Somatropin is a human growth hormone which is important for the growth of muscles and bones. This hormone is usually used in the treatment of growth failure in children and young adults.

Benefits of somatropin Human Growth Hormone

  • This is considered as the flagship homeopathic human growth hormone supplement which is totally injection free
  • This is the most recommended by most of the independent researchers and physicals.
  • This hormone is a combination of 6 powerful growth factors and 8 amino acid releasers

Who should use somatropin?

  • HGH supplementation is the main reason why people opt for somatropin
  • Patients who lack natural growth hormone are the ones who are usually prescribed this drug.
  • Not only the growth hormone, people suffering from kidney failure, turner syndrome, short stature at growth, prader- Willi syndrome, Noonan syndrome, people who are born with short stature and have no luck withgrowing and other causes.
  • Somatropin is used to treat with people suffering from extreme weight loss due to AIDS.
  • This hormone is proven to be useful in people having short bowel syndrome.

Steroids are not magic pills. They alone can do no quick fix. Just a tablet or a pill will not give a shape to your body. After all steroids are synthetic form of naturally occurring hormones that stimulates specific growth and development. There is a myth that Somatropin usage for bodybuilders blocks the body growth. But there are no scientific proofs to this. Moreover many noted body builders and actors, who admitted of taking steroids at a very young age has not only good build up but has a very good height too. Though this one example can’t be taken as a 100% proof but this gives enough gap to say that steroids do not necessarily block the growth plates.

As with any other medicine we may tend to shake the medicine but do not shake a somatropin hormone drug. This will ruin the medicine. Prepare the medicine dose when you are ready to give an injection.

It is better not to use the medicine if it has changed color you see any foreign particles in it, call your physician and he can provide you a new medicine.

Getting the hormone directly from the manufacturers is a better option. It is difficult to get the right one but there are scammers, manufacturers and the resellers and some of the supplement pushers who get the product at any cost.

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