We are running to earn money so that we can have all the comfort of life but is it really so? Are we leading comfortable as well as stress free life? Life with no physical exertion might be comfort for physical aspects but this comfort is worst than anything, a sedentary lifestyle is root cause of many ailments and stresses. People living in the cities are leading mote stress full life because of less physical workout and more mental stress due to work pressure. We are consuming junk food and people in the cities are more prone to many diseases because there are god assess ability of the junk food. People are going away from the nature and getting closer to the synthetic food. That is why most of the population is suffering from multi organ failures due to malfunction of the organ system of the body.

That is why in many fitness centers nutrition plan is suggested which contains guidelines to guide the people to take healthy diet which is fat free and contains all the essential nutrition. In order to make the mind and body healthy one has to nourish the body with healthy nutrition. A healthy diet contains healthy breakfast comprises proteins, fibers and proteins along with vitamins and minerals. Easy to prepare breakfast should be free from fats and oils. Breakfast should be enriched with cereals, milk, eggs and fruits this combination give you all the essential nutrition in your diet. Second session that is lunch of the nutrition plan contains carbohydrates in the form of small quantity of rice and pulses with low salt and low oil proportion.

Spices can be added in less quantity to enhance the taste of the meal. Dinner is the fore most important part of the meal. Dinner should be light because after dinner you have to take rest and there is very less option for burning fats after dinner. You can take soup and vegetable in dinner. Along with every diet do not forget to add salad on compulsory bases because it provides a bulk to your diet and help in lowering blood cholesterol level. Plenty of water should be taken for healthy and glowing physique. Thus one has to follow a nutrition plan. There are many options regarding meals so you need not to stick to only one diet pattern you can add variety in your nutrition plan.

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