Choose unique single policy for commercial fleet and enjoy value added features!

Insuring your commercial fleet just took an easy turn! Instead of having an elaborate detail of the policies, you now have a one stop shop for all the makes and models included in your commercial fleet. And that is no more a legacy dreamed of; it is really happening in the UK!

Get single insurance policy for all cars

Instead of the earlier days when one had to insure the cars of each model, make, size or purpose separately, here is a single policy option available with Here, one can buy fleet insurance for the taxis, vans, trucks and multi-facility vehicles in the fleet at one go! This is just not amazing; it is in fact something never thought of earlier on. There was the need felt for such a single policy since long but rarely did anybody want to venture in this field that was full of risk. Only a few as rare as this firm has decided to take it up, and they are in fact racking up quite a bit of moolah with the greater number of commercial fleet owners pouring in!

Advantages of a single policy

Why the commercial fleet owners are after a single policy is quite understandable, if you look at the factors that benefit them out of this:-

  • Lesser manpower to deal into insurance matters since it becomes a one-time engagement in a year.
  • Only one renewal date annually to get the policies roiling on.
  • Only one insurer to deal with, making the preparations and processes easier.
  • Saving on time, money and effort.
  • A single policy costs lesser than individual policies added together.

fleet insurance39But since the risks involved are higher for the insurer, very few numbers of firms venture in this less explored area, like One can get online help on Fleet insurance, especially desired by new clients, to know more details of the policies on offer.

Value added services

The single policies for commercial fleet comes with a few other value added services to offer too, like:-

  • Training for drivers to acquire clean license.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Secure parking at nights.

Although the price of the policy and its yearly premium is lower as compared to the individual policies taken together, it can however go up based on the desired features to be included in the insurance like windscreen protection, previous claims, their amounts and frequencies, type of insurance required like comprehensive or third party, drivers’ records and ages, and so on.

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