There are many people in the count of almost millions and millions in our world with different looks, different personalities and also different mentalities. There won’t be many qualities which are similar with one another and people with same similarities can rarely meet each other. Life is always full of surprises and ups and downs; in the same way throughout our life we meet people with same and also different mentalities in our day to day life. We people may not like someone based on their character and also their looks-it all about how we take them to our heart and how we treat them despite their bad character and behaviour. Some people are very ugly either from outside or from inside. Some people always think about a question which makes them feel low compared to others and that is Am I Ugly. There no need to be some reason specifically to make people think like that about themselves.

Am I Ugly

There are many reasons why people feel ugly about themselves or about others and in the same way there are many reasons why someone feels that others look ugly and that ugliness can be either their personality and also their mentality. If people expect everyone to be according to their own mentality and their own likeliness then it will be something wrong which no one should ever do no matter what and also this will surely result in dislike among them and also will lead to misunderstandings. Am I Ugly  is also one of the topics or questions which make people less confident if they keep hearing it from others either at their workplace or in their study place. It is human tendency to expect to have someone who can support them no matter what and no matter in which situation they are in.

What makes someone ugly?

There can be much reason which makes people feel that they are ugly or others are ugly and some of those reasons are:-

  • Primary state where people tell others that they don’t meet their own standard or to the level of the environment which they are in.
  • Lack of confidence is also an important issue which makes people ugly from inside.
  • The way of pursuing others emotions and behaviour will differ from one person to other and some cases this can also be a reason.
  • Basically, we human beings itself are full of flaws and it actually doesn’t matter what someone thinks about you at your back.It is always suspense.

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