Finding the perfect living space for you and your family can be quite a tough decision and choice. There are so many places, with so much to offer you. You need to make an informed decision and a reasonable investment for the perfect kind of residential place that you are looking for. It needs to fit your price range and all the other categorical things that you may want to enjoy at your living space. Here, in the twenty-first century, life is all about comfort, convenience and care. Here at Serangoon, we promise you to take the very best care of you and provide you with all the convenience and comfort that you may require.

Serangoon is one of the finest residential and planning town in all of Singapore. If you’re planning to start afresh a life of happiness, this is the perfect place for you. We, have tons of institutions and locations to mesmerize you, and we promise to take care of your each and every need. If you are worried about the price, do not worry, because we have got you covered in that one as well.

FEATURES OF AFFINITY AT SERANGOON: Affinity has Serangoon offers you several features for the units.  Here at Affinity, you can find several swimming pools, BBQ pits, children’s playgrounds, indoor gyms and many more features. It is connected to the most used and important expressways and transport systems in the area. There are all over 88 facilities here at Affinity in Serangoon. Most of these facilities have access to wonderful panoramic views of the city and the city life. Here you can enroll your child in the very famous Roysth School and the ZhongHua Primary school for your children, to present them with a high-class learning environment and the very best of education. There are all over 1012 units present at Affinity in Serangoon, available to you in fairly moderate prices for all of these luxuries. There’s absolutely no better residential living area in all of Singapore available in such rates, too.

 Avenue South Residence

PRICE: The price of the various properties at Affinity in Serangoon is updated regularly, as we sell units almost every day. All the customers are welcomed to call or register to get the full Affinity in Serangoon prices for the units they want. The prices are mentioned below:

  • 1br from 676k
  • 1+S from 773k
  • 2br from 907k
  • 3br from 1.215m
  • 4br from 2.25m
  • 5br from 5.447m

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