A borosilicate glass bong should be technically able to come out of the freezer and be subjected to intense heat directly without breaking. However we recommend caution, as the last thing you want when smoking cannabis is to destroy the value of a glass bong in your hand How Bongs Are Made. So unless you’re sure your bong is made from high quality scientific glass, don’t try!


Using a glass bong is not that different from using any other bong. The exact way to use one depends more on the characteristics of your bong, rather than the material it is made of. What kind of brazier does it have? Is it equipped with a percolator ? And so on. But in general there are some basic steps to using a bong, which can be better understood by describing the main components:

The mouthpiece: This is where the smoke is inhaled.

The brazier: Here you load and burn the grass. Once it’s all alight, or you’ve burnt enough of it, remove the bowl to draw fresh air through the stem. Alternatively, some glass water pipes have a carburation hole that avoids the need to remove the brazier to make the shot.

Stem: Connect the brazier to the tank. It may contain a diffuser.

Water Chamber: This is where the water goes. Fill it with water just above the base of the stem.

Carb hole: Some bongs don’t have it. As you burn the grass, the hole should be covered so that all the air passes through the bowl. When you want to inhale smoke, opening the fuel hole will help you as you will be drawing in fresh air.

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