Memory Foam Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

Memory foam, also referred to as viscoelastic foam, mainly consists of polyurethane to which some chemicals are added to increase their density and viscosity. Memory foam molds to the shape of the body providing comfort by distributing body’s weight equally to all parts.The newer generation memory foam was introduced called gel memory foam, where gel particles are fused with viscoelastic foam to reduce absorbed body heat and to speed up getting back to its shape thus feeling softer to the user. Hence, helps in stabilizing body temperature when used for sleeping by giving cooling effect. Memory foam pillows provide ultimate comfort by molding to the shape of neck and head using body’s own heat, creating a comfortable position to head. Grab more knowhow on

Benefits of using memory foam pillow:

A memory foam pillow comes in different types and styles to support in the areas one need. It keeps head and neck aligned perfectly in any sleep position through the night. Depending on the brand and size, price of these pillows varies. One must select a memory foam pillow keeping in mind their personal needs.

Traditional memory foam pillows look and feel like regular pillows but with the features of memory foam pillows. They offer easy airflow thus gives a cool effect while sleeping.

Contour memory foam pillows come with a dip in the middle to support neck while cradling the head. This pillow provides optimal support when slept on back. This pillow helps to alleviate snoring, circulation and alignment of the spine for a great sleep.

Neck roll memory foam pillow is a round shaped pillow and is a good option for people who suffer from neck and lower back pain. It can be used while travelling in the car, airplane to give great support to neck. It is also used while reading, relaxing or watching television. Egg crate memory foam pillows come with little bumps on them for added texture. They provide extra ventilation while sleeping and usually come in contour style of memory foam pillows to give extra support.

V-shaped memory foam pillows are a perfect choice for those who sleep on their stomach. Head and neck will be correctly fitted into this v shape and helps in taking of stress and pressure from neck.

Wedge memory foam pillow is shaped like a big wedge. The smaller end of the wedge goes under the body and head is laid on the bigger end of the pillow. This pillow elevates the upper body and helps people suffering from issues like snoring, heartburn, acid reflux, leg pains etc. Visit for more knowhow.

All these types of memory foam pillows come in either low-density foam or high-density foam. High density foam pillows are costlier and gives more support when compared with low-density foam pillows. The fact is that high-density pillows are hard for the initial uses but once it conforms to the body’s unique neck, head and shape, it will become more comfortable. The benefits of using a memory foam pillow will outweigh their price.

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