Benefits of Office timeline

Office timeline is one of the award-winning and highly interactive timeline maker project schedules used by professionals. Through this software it is possible to build schedules, visual project plans, and even Gantt charts. This software is very useful for IT professionals, consultants, knowledge workers, and even for project managers. This software is very helpful if they are looking for simple and highly robust platforms robust yet simple platform through which they can design graphical project slides. Office timeline is nothing but an add-on for PowerPoint. Through this free timeline generator, it is possible to create stunning visuals for business presentation, reports, and updates.

Office timeline comes with powerful automation and design tools. These features help in streamlining the project management along with creating highly impressive presentations. Office timeline also offers varieties of timeline templates which are available for free. These templates come with different contents, colors, and visual styles.

Benefits of Office timeline

Comes as an add-on

Best part is office timeline can work inside the PowerPoint. Hence there is no need for any other software to make use of office timeline. Since timelines are native in MS PowerPoint, they are always presentation ready. Along with this, they can also be customized using the PowerPoint features. Since most of the users are already very familiar with PowerPoint it is very easy to work with Office timeline.

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Provides professional look

When it comes to manual creation of timelines which look professional, it is the job which eats lot of time. Along with that that it also demands heavy budget. You may need to hire a commercial artist for this job to be done. But when you make use of Office timeline you can create professional timelines along with Gantt charts easily. It just takes few easy steps to come up with a professional-looking timeline.

Free templates

When Office timeline is used, you will get access to dozens of templates which are available for free. These can also be customized if needed and you can also edit the template elements manually or automatically. There are templates available for making project plan, marketing plan, office schedule, sales plan, and even 12 months planning period.

Vast usage

Today office timeline is used in varieties of fields and it is used by more than millions of professionals. It is used in fields like technology, finance, construction, health and medicine, and many other. Office timeline can be used in all the fields where there is need to manage, plan, and present the project flows along with timelines, milestones.

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