How Network Security Cameras Work

With the development of your business now and the increase in investments worldwide, the need to control your business has increased. Being present at any time of the day is not a convenient solution for everyone. And because of this, a video recording module is urgently needed, which can be accessed through the network.

The first thing to know is which camera is suitable for your system.

If you plan to use CCTV cameras for outdoor activities and lighting conditions are bad, then you should choose black and white cameras as the first option, as they provide high resolution and better image quality in low light conditions. When using a surveillance camera for outdoor surveillance, you must ensure that it is packaged in a weather-resistant packaging. When it comes to internal cameras, you have more than one option, be they surveillance cameras or their lenses.

sophos partner Singapore

The sophos partner Singapore is a simple system to monitor your business or residence while away. The system always consists of a camera, a recording device to store video and cables between them. Depending on your budget, you should choose the entire system carefully, because some people prefer a high resolution camera and a conventional recording device. In this case, you will lose the advantage of a high resolution camera, since the low quality recording method results in a loss of camera resolution.


Connecting your video surveillance system to the network is not that difficult if you know the basic steps for this. The first thing you should know is that when you buy your system, you must make sure that it matches the network transmission. You will need a router / modem to access the network and the rude computer for synchronization between all devices.


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