How to Hide your IP Address on the Internet?

There are numerous genuine reasons to hide IP address. From hundreds of reasons out there, privacy is one of the most common reasons to conceal IP address on the internet.

It is necessary to hide your IP address to surf anonymously since other users can identify each and every data about you by tracking your IP address.

You can hide your IP address on the internet in many different ways that are safe and effective. The most familiar method used for hiding purpose is to choose a Proxy server.

A Proxy server is nothing but a computer connected to the Internet which is used as an intermediate to connect to other computer systems. In addition to that, Hide me proxy can be also used to hide your real IP address.

proxy server

You can use proxy servers in the following situations:

  • Firewall – A proxy server can be used as a firewall which acts a barrier between a trusted internal network and not trusted external network.
  • IP addresses multiplexer – In this case, the proxy server allows multiple computers to connect with the internet with a single IP address.

Though there are various benefits of proxy servers, it is crucial to find a reliable site that does not disturb the internet browsing of the user. Finding a new, safe and reliable proxy site is not a tedious task if you do some research.

Hence, it is far better to go for a proxy server which protects your computer privacy and personal information.

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