The Benefits of Cloud Hosting Services for Business Owners

The internet is like a virtual playground for all kinds of things. Over the years, the internet has become a hub for many people to utilize. As a result, it provides excellent information to all its users. Plus, everybody can communicate with one another in the digital world. That’s why modern-day businesses utilize the internet to reach their customers and make business processes much more accessible. But every business owner is looking for a way to cut costs while still maximizing efficiency. And that’s through cloud hosting, which is a form of web hosting like iSeries cloud hosting, ideal for smaller businesses.

In simpler terms, cloud hosting refers to an electronic structure that can store a website’s files and data across multiple computers. Next, it will be served on the internet. It acts as large storage, processor, and space where your data is spread across many servers. So if one server goes down, another server will pick it up. So what are the advantages of a cloud hosting service? Let’s learn more below to find out.

iSeries cloud hosting

Improvement in Server Uptime

The performance of your website is connected to server uptime. The systems ensure that no server failure will happen since there are interconnected servers. So if one server goes down and can’t take a request from a user, another server will take its place and take over by default to keep everything running smoothly. But if you use traditional hosting, any downtime or failure on a server will result in extended downtime. Overall, your website will not be able to work properly and efficiently.

An Increase in Your Website’s Security

Traditional hosting model’s resources, like the CPU and RAM on a single server, are shared among multiple websites. That means you need to purchase an additional private dedicated server if you want to secure sensitive information. It can be costly in the long run since you’ll be paying for that every month. On the other hand, cloud hosting already has an established infrastructure. All with multiple layer security for your data, network, application, and physical security. The service providers will also offer secure and encrypted solutions, identity management, and more.

Independence of Location

One of the disadvantages of using traditional web hosting is that you’re tied down to a fixed location. So you’ll need to choose a server that’s close to you so that you won’t experience any downtime in server speeds. The primary purpose is not to compromise the loading speeds of your website. But if you choose cloud hosting, you won’t experience any of these problems. That’s because it’s available and accessible via the internet. You can use a PC or mobile device from any location all over the world.


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