Two Successful Methods to Fix the DNS Server Issue

There can be many neither reasons if your system is showing DNS nor responding error when you are browsing on the internet. Fortunately, there are various methods with the aid of which you can solve this problem. The easiest method is to disable all the connections, which works. Many times windows install extra connections without letting you know. To have best connectivity you must have just one connection. To open your Network Connections window, click the Start menu or press the ⊞ Win button and search for “ncpa.cpl”

Here you can check out other connections. Here you will find the complete list of the connections. The common issue exists when “Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter” exists. If you see the similar, then right click and press disable. After that, again test your connections and wait for few seconds and open browser. Visit the website if the problem is resolved you will see a webpage if not move ahead to next method.

Flush DNS

Many times DNS cache becomes outdated and you have to flush it manually. Follow these steps to flush your cache

  • To open the Command Prompt, press ⊞ Win+R and type cmd.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns. Let the process complete and restart your computers.


After following, these steps test your connection again and if the problem still exists, then move onto next step.

Change the DNS server

You can manually enter DNS server alternate address to fix dns server not responding. To perform this step follows

  • Open “ncpa.cpl” and right click on the connection you are having.
  • N the Networking tab, scrolls down until you find the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” entry. Click it to select it and then click the Properties
  • Click the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.
  • Enter 67.222.222 into the “Preferred DNS server” field
  • Enter 67.220.220 into the “Alternate DNS server” field.
  • These are DNS servers sustained by OpenDNS, an open-source DNS service

These are the few methods that you can try to fix the dns server issues. Try another method if these do not work.

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