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What delivery conditions do overseas customers expect?

Customers want to receive the goods quickly, reliably and possibly free of charge. This delivery option is called “Delivered Duty Paid” DDP . Subsequent billing of customs duties or other charges upon receipt of goods has a lasting negative impact on the customer experience. Transparency of information on expected costs is therefore essential jasa antar barang.

Therefore the customer must be informed of the expected costs (= TLC Total Landed Cost) during the ordering process in absolute price transparency. Not only the value of the product, but also all costs such as value added tax, shipping costs and customs duties are indicated in the checkout or at the cashier of the online store.

What does the Total Landed Cost (TLC) include?

Total cost of an order

Transport and delivery costs from the sender to the recipient

Any customs duties

VAT of the country of destination

Customs duties


Exchange rate

Management and payment fees

What are the possibilities for shipping abroad?

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International shipments can be sent overseas in many different ways: for example as freight shipments, shipments by express courier or by post. The shipping method mainly depends on the nature of the goods. Four basic questions help you choose the right logistics solution:

What do you ship?

How much do your parcels weigh and how big are they?

How many orders do you ship on average per month?

How urgent is the delivery?

Most export shipments are goods from online stores that are sent by post. The postal route has, among other things, the following advantages: Global e-commerce consignments are delivered by local postal companies and their number (collection and delivery points) exceeds all other courier services worldwide.

As stated above, merchants prefer to spread their risks among the different shipping service providers. However, negotiating separate contracts with each package forwarding service provider is time-consuming.

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Know about the stress-free method to deploy a smart contract

A smart contract is a transaction protocol or computer program designed to automatically execute, control, and document legally associated events. This program runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a complete collection of code that is its functions and data that is its state that resides at a particular address on the blockchain Ethereum. It is a type of Ethereum account that includes a balance and is used to send transactions over the network. It is deployed to the network and designed to run as programmed. 


All user accounts can interact with a smart contract by successfully submitting the overall transactions executing a function specified on the smart contract. You can research the latest updates of suggestions regarding how to deploy a smart contract and get the highest possible benefits from properly using the smart contracts.   


Research the smart contract deployment guidelines 


Individuals with an interest to deploy their first smart contract can prefer and use the suitable resources and follow the professional guidelines. You can choose and use one of the best methods to make requests to the Ethereum chain. You can create a free account on the Alchemy platform and API that lets users communicate with the Ethereum chain devoid of having to run their nodes. This platform has developed tools designed to monitor and analytics assist all users. You can generate an API key by creating an application and making requests to the Goerli test network. 


Access “Create App” in the Alchemy dashboard and make your pap. You can choose Staging for the environment and Goerli for your network. Click “Create App” now and create an Ethereum account that is addressed. This account is used to send and receive transactions. A virtual wallet Metamask is used to manage the Ethereum account address.  


Fulfill wishes about the smart contract deployment 


The latest suggestions about how to deploy a smart contract attract many beginners to the blockchain and encourage them to reap benefits from properly using a smart contract. Some fake Ethers are needed to deploy the smart contract to the test network. You require spending some time to get fake Eth as network traffic while clicking the “Send M Eth” in the Goerli faucet. 


Now, check your balance and make an eth-getBalance request using Alchemy’s composer tool. This will successfully return the Eth amount in the wallet. You can create a folder for the project and navigate to your command line. The next step is to download Hardhat and create the Hardhat project. Once you have done it, you can add project folders, write contracts, and connect metamask and alchemy to the project. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Contract

Smart contracts are just programs that are stored on blockchain and run when its predetermined conditions are perfectly met. They generally are used for automating execution of a deal so that all the participants are immediately sure of an outcome, without intermediary’s involvement and time loss. They will automate the workflow, triggering next action while the conditions are perfectly met. Let u learn how to deploy a smart contract and understand more about it.

Connect to Ethereum network

There’re a lot of ways you can make requests to Ethereum chain. Even for simplicity, we will make use of free account, blockchain developer platform & API that allows you communicate with Ethereum chain without running your nodes. This platform has got the developer tools to monitor and analytics we can take benefit of in the tutorial to know what is will happen under hood in the smart contract deployment.

Create an app (or API key)

When you have created Alchemy account, you may generate API key just by creating the app. This can allow us make requests to its test network. Suppose you are not much familiar with the test nets, you can check out the guide.

Why to use Smart Contracts?

There’re many reasons why you must implement smart contracts for the business and it is worth an upfront investment in the smart contracts system:

  • Efficiency: Making use of smart contracts begins to pay dividends while time spent executing same agreements is cut down because the autonomous and digital nature substantially decreases the time that is spent in paperwork and fixing the clerical errors.
  • Accuracy: The smart contracts make sure all important contractual terms are properly recorded in the explicit detail, and avoiding problems that come when somebody forgets to insert information while filling out the template agreement.
  • Trust & Transparency: Parties to the smart contract will be rest assured that after executing the agreement as encrypted transaction records will be shared with the participants, and terms are completely accessible and visible.